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Hallo Everyone,

Greenpeace Active Members have been arrested in the Arctic where they were protesting against oil companies who wanted to dig for oil in such a sacred area of the Earth. They were arrested by the Russian state. Something like this has never in the history of Greenpeace ever happened to their members to be threated in such a way.

They have been protesing for all of us, so we and our children and all future Generations will be able to live in a save and clean Environment. We owe them our future.

Please help them get home, by signing the petition for them on

Dear Lenny,
Lots of stars are writing in support to help them and Paul McCarthy wrote a letter direct to President Putin on their behalf, perhaps you could do the same and please spread the word around, the more the EYE OF THE WORLD is watching the less badness can prevail.

Lets get them home safe and sound for Christmas, they have had a hugely tramatic experience and I would not wish it on anyone, what they have been through.

Thank you all.
Love and Light and God Bless.

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    On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 2:47 AM, Rose said:

    Hi everyone,
    I hope you all could enjoy your Christmas time.

    I am just checking in to say that THANKS to MILLIONS of People the Greenpeace Activist have been set free from the Russian prison they have been held in and not only that, as you have all heard lots of other Prisoners of the State have been left free too. Such as Pussy Riot.

    So a HUGE THANKS to anyone who wrote to President Putin or took part in anyother activity to help this come about.

    However don't forget the Artic is still under threat from oil companies. Please get informed over this so that we can keep the eye of the world on it.

    Sending lots of Love and Light to you all and to Mr Lenny I send Love, Light and understanding that has started in other life times and keeps getting stronger.
    God Bless.

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