"Flash" By Lenny Kravitz

Coming February 2015: "Flash" By Lenny Kravitz - a brand new book featuring photos captured by Lenny himself. For more details visit teNeues.com

With his new title, Flash, Lenny Kravitz makes his mark in a new arena of the creative arts. During his childhood, Kravitz was enthralled by cameras, playing with them like toys instead of taking photographs. In recent years photographer friends taught him the fundamentals of photography by using a Leica. Intrigued by the possibilities, Kravitz began creating his own works, featuring close attention to the nuances and effects created by light. As he himself had been endlessly photographed by photographers, paparazzi, and fans—his perspective on aesthetics was decidedly unique. In Flash, he captures the essence of what it’s like to be a rock star who’s constantly in the public eye. The result: an intense exploration of the photographer and his subject.

Strut Limited Edition Boxset - Available Now!

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· “The Miami Bedroom Rehearsals” 28-page 12"x12" photo book
· Individual “Dirty White Boots” Polaroid personally paint-splattered by Lenny
· 2x silver, red & white splatter gatefold heavyweight 180-gram vinyl with exclusive artwork
· Facsimile of Lenny's handwritten “Strut” lyric sheet
· 12”x12” photographic print
· Housed in a leather-like foil embossed box
· 24x36 psychedelic poster
· Full length cd of “Strut” with exclusive artwork
· Each box numbered in edition

Guitar Center Interview w/ LK

Lenny dropped by the Guitar Center Manhattan Platinum Room to talk about his musical experiences; what continues to drive him to play and create; and the genesis of his latest album #STRUT. Check out the full interview below: