On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 2:37 PM, LOVELOVELOVE said:

    TO LENNY KRAVITZ : ICONIC MOVIE SCRIPT WRITTEN FOR YOU TO STAR IN AND DIRECT, CAN BE FOUND IN L.K. FORUM : ASK THE STAFF ! Your # 1 protege Kenya has been trying to reach you over 5 years ( since the last time we spoke online . I have been through a bitter divorce, homelessness etc. and have been without a computer. As soon as I got a computer this Christmass of 2012 I posted you a song from the movie on christmass day. I have been searching for you. You are my best friend and bussiness partner/manager. Love , Kenya L.C. Hamilton klhpoetess@ gmail.com , 7343 bonita vista way # 101 , Tampa/ Temple Terrace FLA, 33617 1-(813)- 504-3847 p.s. I know you have been wondering aabout where I have been and how to find me , so I wanted to make it easier for you. I know I usually post under "Anonamous". Sometimes I have used the screen name "surfer girl" becouse I lived by the beach in boca raton at the time( at mizner park). I changed my screenname a lot becouse we were dealing with pranksters and otherwise staealing our screen names. There are several verions of the movie script that I would like you to look over. I probably on't post the entire script like I used t . I am not feeling comfortable with that write now , but I will pray about it. I hope to hear from you soon I miss talking to you and your friendship. I hope and pray you see my post soon for I have been trying to get in touch with you for years now. Love/ beautiful/ caramel 007/ caramel velveteen/ caramel dream/ Kay/ Icon/ love love love !/ Kenya