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    Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 11:13 AM
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    Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 8:13 PM

    very funny indeed...the large penis one kills

    A smart-alec who uses the of cover of "quiet kid" to really suprise people when his true evil nature bursts through the top. Along with that, a harsh critic and demonic leader, capable of driving people over the edge of insanity with his hypnotic skill. Simply a genius, a vulgar, crude-mouthed, explicit, triple X and none-to-gentle genius, but a genius none-the-less.

    Kid 1: Wow, that guy just nearly made those girls kill themselves!

    Kid 2: He's probably a Leonard...


    The disposition of a lion; lion-hearted; from Leon, a lion, and ard, Teutonic, nature, disposition. German origin.

    Leonard�s are known to be fiercely loyal, dependable and upholds the ideals of truth and justice. Leonard�s possess extreme analytical minds and an uncanny ability to know when they are being deceived or lied to. Most Leonard�s are physicists, engineers or in some capacity of the intelligence community. On a more disturbing note, the criminal Leonards, although few in numbers are true masterminds, nefarious and almost impossible to arrest and convict. They love to work with their hands and are able to fix anything. Leonard is the most common name in the science community.

    They love to laugh, are self-effacing, witty, smart, cunning and methodical. They have a way of finding joy in all. They are very practical and level headed. They are the most passionate amazing lovers and will always take care of the woman they are with. Most men in the Pornography industry's birth name was Leonard. Leonard is the man every man aspires to be and every woman desires.

    I thought I out-smarted him until he pulled a Leonard on me, I knew I had been defeated.


    1:A black male who usually has a large and thick cock but doesn't brag about it.

    2:A guy who doesn't brag alot.

    Example 1
    Girl: Girl his cock was so huge and thick. I think his name was dark chocolate.
    Girl 2: Naw he's got to be a Leonard.

    Example 2
    Guy: I bet that kids name is Leoanrd!
    Guy 2: Why?
    Guy: Cause he never brags about anything!!


    A good friend to have. Extremely loyal & giving but have to be
    stabbed in the back. Will go above and beyond to help complete strangers.
    Usually well mannered with a tendency for occasional, unexpected outbursts
    of rudeness or insensitivity. Can be quite funny and good at uplifting others
    stuck in a rut, but careful at choosing when to be serious or joke. A dependable friend.

    Terry: "Leonard is always on time for work and hasn't missed a day of work in 4 years."

    Susan: "If only everyone were as punctual this business would be more successful."

    Rachel: I just can't wait to see Leonard today, he's so sweet.

    Megan: "He is really nice. I hear him compliment you all the time."


    (noun) german name meaning Brave as Lion. Leonard is the most wonderful and amazing guy you could ever meet. He is perfect in ever way and with each passing moment you will fall more and more in love with as you discover that he truly is the most unique and lovable person you have ever met. He is a truthful, honest person who is on a search from something special in life. he is very popular, incredibly funny, sexy beyond description and so sweet he'll make you feel like the most special girl in his life. He gives the greatest hugs, knows exactly what to say to cheer you up, kisses passionately and being in the same room as him will send shivers and tingles down your entire body. He is sincere, trustworthy and romantic, sexy. Many girls adore him because he's just so beautiful on the inside and outside. He searches for his soulmate, a lady he can trust, who will love him with all her heart. And she will know when she meets him. her heart tells her and her body feels weak with overwhelming feelings of joy. He is the man you know you want to marry because he's the man you love with each fiber of your body. You can't imagine life without him and no matter how much you say that, it can't reflect how you feel about Leonard. he has an adventurous spirit and loves sports, spending time with nature and spending quality time with his family and friends. He's someone you would love to go fishing with, hunting. everything. He's someone you love and he's and amazingly perfect perfect.



    Lion heart, brave as a lion, German, heart, Latin , Leo, lion

    strong, faithful, brave and self sacrificing. Usually a person of great moral integrity who is similar in believe as Leonidas, of ancient Greek 300 fame.

    That Leonard saved my life and my nation.

    I wish I could Leonard like Braveheart.


    Lion Heart
    brave as a lion
    one who sacrifices his own safety for that of his family and friends

    Braveheart was a real Leonard

    That Leonard saved my life.


    lame, not cool.

    a phrase often used in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

    Dude! you are from Cornwall?? Damn that's leonard!


    Semi-erection of the penis

    "He woke up sporting a rather splendid leonard"


    A Sneaky Bastard.

    That sneaky bastard Leonard took Shorty down to the Attorney so He could change his will.

    That Bastard Leonard would Fuck his own mother for a Nickel!

    I pulled a real Leonard on her and went out with the other chica.


    A Simpleton, one who is not fully aware of the goings on of the world, aka a nancy-boy, in general it is someone who isn't "cool" by definition

    Simon is a serious leonard, honestly he's king of the lenny's


    1.Lion cum. Derives from Leo meaning 'lion' and nard meaning 'ointment'.
    2.Sometimes used to refer to a man who pretends to like women, but is actually a bum lover.
    3.Can also just be a man's name, but this is rare.

    1."You taste like Leonard."
    2. "Why have you never had a girlfriend? Are you a Leonard?"
    3."You're rubbish at pool, Leonard."


    A girl that acts like a slut but has had sex with less than 10 people.

    That bitch jeff fucked is a leonard, but didnt know how to get butt sex

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    Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 10:05 PM

    "He gives the greatest hugs, knows exactly what to say to cheer you up, kisses passionately and being in the same room as him will send shivers and tingles down your entire body. He is sincere, trustworthy and romantic, sexy. Many girls adore him because he's just so beautiful on the inside and outside"
    Ok out of all that was posted about the name Leonard the above quote is true about Lenny.
    I met him, and got a hug, and it was incredible to be in the same room as him. I do truly feel he is a beautiful person on the inside and out.