Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 5:57 PM

I have noticed, over the years, the interesting sense of fashion LK has, and it often is unique and sometimes even over-the-top. But interesting nevertheless..

I would hope one day this creative genius can design his own clothing line for those that wish to also be trendsetters and who would purchase some nice articles of clothing by LK. Perhaps a leather jacket, or vest, or jeans, or silk shirt. Or even socks, to go with those shoes he designed.

Sky's the limit when you're LK and I can't wait for him to hopefully venture out into this field. I mean we all need clothes, so hey, why not wear some lacy LK underthings (o.k . just us women!) underneath the LK jeans, and the LK shirt and LK jacket. LK socks perhaps? And for me, also some nice LK cowboy boots.

Fancy this, the " AMERICAN WOMAN" line, as inspired by LK. Now then, us women fans would then definately be able to say " I BELONG TO YOU" cause we would be the proud owners of said clothing......

And, for you men out there, I am sure he could design some masculine clothing so that you "STAND' out from the rest!

All with his cool insignia on each article of clothing-like the lettering on this great site maybe??

Just a pipedream, or one day a reality??? With LK who knows?? His boundless ideas and imagination could make the fashion world sit up and pay attention when his models walk the catwalk, in LK clothing........

I know I'd luv to be in that audience! And guess whose music would rock the house????


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    Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 2:31 PM

    angiebaby wrote:
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    Muzikliluvnlife wrote:
    I read that Lenny is designing a line of sunglasses for the Brazilian company Chilli Beans and will also be collaborating with L.A. retailer Fred Segal. How exciting! I just hope that there's something from his line that I can afford.
    Lenny Lover Sista
    Live to Give

    I had heard of the collaboration with Fred Segal stating it will include a very very expensive motorcycle and some "accessories". I am hoping I can afford something from the line and that it will be sold online as there are no stores here. I had not heard of the sunglasses line. Now that I would want. Actually, what I would really like is some jewelry designed by him. I love his fashion sense. His eye for design. He has is irons in many fires as one could say, but all he does is create beautiful things music, films, interiors, furniture, and art (photography). I feel the best is yet to come.

    To be honest, anyone can be creative, design, and create product!!! It really is about connections more than talent! Seriously, architecture, home decor, clothing is about connections and dare I say, popularity!!! If you have a great image, people will find a way to use your name to market the product within the collaboration!!!

    It's a smart move on LK's part: workin what he's got!


    Yes, Lenny has talent, but what I love most about him is his independent vision within the creative! (His ability to conduct and direct!) We, as human beings, (sorry if this bores y'all with sentimental philosophy), all have the potential to be creative. I still believe anyone can design, create, and do art---ANYONE! My experience over the years still stands true, it is about connections!!!! Many marketing campaigns fail because the image doesn't last (the product is created cheaply or sloppily, etc.). When I was speaking about "working" what Lenny has, I was referring to the most recent discussion and dare I say, (YIKES) I very much dislike "Harley's!" (I am assuming it's a "Harley" or at least, when I think of motorcycles this is the impression in my mind!) Motorcycles are loud, obnoxious, dirty, and distinctly hardcore! Soften the edge a little, I say! (Smile!)

    To be honest, I just did some research online and my first instinctual impression is that this collaboration with Fred Segal is a very bold move and probably will be one very unique set of products! That seems to be Lenny!

    Madeline Gouin