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    Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 12:01 AM lele 1 Comments
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    I remember when I was 7, I was with my big sister on her bedroom and his video appeared on t.v.; I couldn't see anything, because my sister covered my eyes. I only heard the song, and inmediately loved it. It became my favorite song... The song was again, and nowadays still my favorite. I know this maybe sounds weird but he touched my heart since that moment

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    i love you and so do many others.

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    Do you remember the first Lenny Kravitz concert you attended? Although I have to admit I am a late bloomer, I have the date etched in my brain February 23, 2012. I remember getting so frustrated because I was unable to find a US tour date that fit my schedule, I made a decision to fly to one of his European concerts. Luckily a US tour date did finally occur and I had the time of my life....

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    I have been excitedly waiting for the day this docunentary would be released, only to discover I can not buy it. You see, none of my devices are Mac. My PC is old as the hills and does not have enough memory to download the App. All of my other devices are Droid. I had hoped and planned to be at the screening, but my schedule did not permit that to happen. But I did not worry too much...I...

  6. Music in my mind...

    Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 11:38 AM Destinee Hall 3 Comments
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    I absolutely LOVE music! It's safe to say that it is my life. I respect all styles and genres of it; even the lyrically-weak. To me, if simply listening to something makes you feel any kind of way or makes you think, that's amazing and that's music! A lot of people down pop because its lyrics don't say much, but the way I see it, pop music makes people want to dance. It makes people want to...

  7. Movie <3

    Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 11:31 AM Kristy 1 Comments
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    So ready for Mr.Kravitz new movie!!!

  8. My life

    Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 9:22 AM Juliette 0 Comments
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    La música mi inspiración... Los sonidos mi voz... La creatividad en mis manos... El diseño mi vida.

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    I loved what I heard the old and the new sound flavor. I really lov the spirituality that comes though as well. I am new to the blog, but not to what Iike so far as music is concern.

  10. We're the future

    Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 9:07 AM OumerMargan 0 Comments
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    the golden age is not in the past, it is in the future

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